We recognized early the importance of Service

“Bring us in; we’ll help keep the other (big companies) honest!”

  • S&A Foods is your ideal alternate to the “big” companies that convey themselves as your “only” choice. Bring us in to help keep the other guys honest!  We are not looking to be your single option, but we hope to be the company you can rely on to give you what you want at a great price, with our trademark customer service. Give us a call and give us a try.

  • Here at S&A, we know you want your food products delivered in perfect condition as fast as possible, so we invest in distribution in an effort to be the fastest, most reliable delivery team in the industry. To ensure that your order goes out as soon as possible, we combine  warehouse space with good old fashion hands on work to operate both efficiently and effectively.  

We are a True Alternate to the "Big Companies"

We are a True Alternate to the "Big Companies"

We are a True Alternate to the "Big Companies"

  • S&A Foods is a wholesale supplier of food to restaurants.

    With a combined 60+ years in the Food Service and restaurant industries, we've developed a comprehensive network of suppliers and manufacturers.

    This means we're able to provide you with a huge lineup of products available at great prices without sacrificing quality.  We have a variety of products to choose from, including different non-mainstream selections. 

    S&A Foods is directly involved with the success of your establishment. We can help create menu items, including menus themselves.

    S&A Foods also has a media department that can handle your social network and advertising.

    Get peace of mind from an established wholesaler who gives you what you expect and more.  

We Deliver to your Restaurant

We are a True Alternate to the "Big Companies"

We are a True Alternate to the "Big Companies"

  • We service restaurants across southern Ontario. Our delivery trucks are well refrigerated to keep products fresh and well packaged.

    We provide a convenient service to your restaurant door. We arrive on-time, and we plan ahead for traffic and road construction to make things as stream lined as possible.  

    Food delivery requires a well maintained fleet of trucks to quickly and accurately transport our goods year round. S&A operates a fleet of modern trucks operated by professional drivers.

    Our fleet operates in all weather conditions, safely transporting products to our customers.